Dear John Weber (editor of Lit Bomb),

I got your rejection letter for my story Pussy Gut. I'm not sure you read the whole thing, but just wanted to check back. I think you should take another look. I'm sure you're busy with other submissions, but mine caught your eye. Perhaps, you were just having a bad day. You see I am a writer. What part did you not like? The reject note was just a standard one. It was impersonal and frankly rude. I got one similar from The Paris Review. I know you probably don't like stories about vaginas, especially bloody ones. I tried to take that part out. The part about the mom cooking her son probably offended you. I liked it. When the dad came down the stairs after raping his son, that should go. I will edit the piece a bit. I'll take the part out about jacking off in a pumpkin (although I think it totally works). After brushing up a little, I'll submit it again. I'm gonna be busy next week, but after that I'm free. The story will be back on your desk.



(Thom Young is a writer from Texas. His work has been in 3am magazine, Word Riot, The Legendary, Thieves Jargon, and other places. He blogs here: